Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exercise With The 80s

Anyone want to tell me just exactly what it was that we were all thinking in the eighties? OK, maybe not what we were all thinking. But what a lot of people were all thinking. The big hair. The bright colors. The wacky speech patterns used by all the kids. The headbands and leg warmers. The exercise videos. My God, the exercise videos! Tell me how anyone could have taken anything like the video below seriously. Ever. Actually...wait. Tell me how anyone would have thought that the video below was ever a good idea. (Is that Linda Evans?) Did they not know how ridiculous this was going to look? Because it does. Look ridiculous, that is.

My favorite part? "Now, the neck!" Now, the neck? Wait. What were we doing before?! What's with those eye movements? Is there a reason she's breathing out in such an unattractive fashion? I mean, I can practically overlook the hair because everything else is so damned bewildering. (I said practically, not totally. Seriously...Aqua Net much?) But really, I don't understand any of this. I'm open to explanations, though.

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