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RhoDeo 1109 Roots

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Today were still in Mali a stable democracy these last decades and their age old music tradition is certainly a stabilising factor. We've had a guitariist a Kora player and today it's one of the countries most famous voices...


Kassé Mady’s timeless music is borne out of the West African tradition of the griot, a cultural figure and oral historian whose role is to record cultural identity and knowledge through oratory, lyricism and musicianship. Kasse Mady's family, the Diabates of Kela, were the traditional singers for the emperors and their descendants of the royal Keita lineages. They can trace their role back 700 years and are still considered among the most important and authoritative griot families across the seven West African countries where Mande culture predominates. Kela is the capital of the griots, the Mecca of musical tradition. All of Kassé Mady cousins, brothers, sisters, know how to sing without micro before thousands of people, but Kassé Mady is different because of his sweet and gentle though powerful voice. Kasse Mady Diabate was born in Kéla, Mali, in 1949. At 20, he was already famous in Kangaba, the old Mandingo capital. Demba Diallo, the governor of the Kangaba district formed an orchestra and asked him to join it as a singer. For the first time, Kassé Mady experienced electric music. Within a few years he has become the premiere Malinke singer (dominant ethnic group in Mandingo country).

His fame reached Bamako, and in 1972 the Youth Ministry named him as singer in the Badema National Orchestra. Until 1988, Kasse Mady led a double carrier of griot for men in high places and in popular parties and polyvalent singer with an electric orchestra in the capital. Apart from the large amount of the Badéma's tapes dispatched in the Mandingo country, Kasse Mady had had no other opportunity to make an album in solo. In 1988 Ibrahima Sylla, the producer of many African hits asks the famous arranger Boncana Maïga to record a solo album with Kasse Mady.

Throughout the 1970s he played in Malian fusion bands before emigrating to Paris where he recorded his first solo album in 1988. Albums since have included 2003’s Kassi Kasse, recorded in Mali and featuring guest appearances by kora player Toumani Diabate and bass player Orlando Cachaito López (Buena Vista Social Club). It was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Traditional World Music Album. He has also guested on albums for Toumani Diabate and Taj Mahal. His solo album Manden Djeli Kan was recorded in France in 2008.

Kassé Mady Diabaté - Kassi Kasse (02 163mb)

01 Eh Ya Ye (4:21)
02 Kaba Mansa (4:09)
03 Maimouna (3:43)
04 Nyamalo (3:33)
05 Jon Kunandi (4:50)
06 N'i Ma Sori (3:16)
07 Namanike (5:02)
08 Fununke Saya (4:33)
09 Naaren (5:44)
10 Balomina Mwanga (4:54)
11 Balakono (6:06)
12 Lafia Jeli (6:57 )
13 Madu Jeli (6:09)
14 Danya (3:38)

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He's a griot, descended from a long line of traditional musicians, and there's a confidence and sense of authority to his powerful singing, which can ease between the conversational and declamatory. Most of his songs are self-written and medium paced, with variety provided by his impressive backing musicians, including members of the Symmetric Orchestra. Toumani Diabaté makes an appearance playing kora on the exquisite and passionate Nankoumandjian, while the Symmetric's Fantamady Kouyaté provides some impressive guitar work, swapping fluid guitar lines with the former Rail Band star Djelimady Tounkara on the rolling Maliba. The mightiest male voice in Mali returns in topform, his voice is warm, rich and deeply textured. Kasse Mady deserves so much more attention beyond west africa, especially for this stunning CD.
There are many of Mali's best musicians appearing aswel, Toumani Diabate on kora, the Rail Band's Djely Mady Tounkara, Moriba Koita on n'goni, Ousmane Kouyate, Djely Moussa Kouyate, Baba Sissoko and the backing singers; Mamani Keita, Diaou Kouyate, Ma Demba.

Kassé Mady Diabaté - Manden Djeli Kan ( 144mb)

01. Bandua (4:50)
02. Kalou Man Kene (5:39)
03. Kaninba (5:34)
04. Allah Dounde (3:26)
05. Kia Ko Djougou (3:49)
06. Douga Djabira (5:05)
07. Maliba (5:31)
08. Nankoumandjianf (6:50)
09. Sinanon Saran (4:19)
10. Manden Maninkadenou (6:33)
11. Sansan (6:39)

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