Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Organize Your Computer Cables

I hate cable and cord mess! But I haven't been able to conquer it. I'm thinking about it and while I'm researching the question I thought I would show you some of the wonderful ideas people have come up with.

For those of us who are thrifty there are hair clips, pipe cleaners, a cut trouser sock, binder clips, toilet or paper towel rolls, rubber bands, plastic baggies, and bread ties.

You can make things work.

And you can purchase items specifically for corraling cables.

I have a couple of priorities
1) I need to be able to unplug and transport easily. If I need to take the laptop to the library; or the desk top to be repaired; or purchase a new computer the cables have to be able to unplug and go easily. So some of these ideas are a little too permanent. For instance, I take my power cord and mouse with my laptop so I have to be able to unplug and throw in the computer bag easily. Or when I take my camera on vacation and need it's charger. So convenience is a must for my computer cables. I hate crawling under desks or behind furniture to unplug something and untangling it from all the other cables.

2) I need my cables labeled. I have so many cables that it can get confusing. So I label all my cables.And on my computer cables I label each end, "Printer, this end in computer", "Printer, this end in printer", "Ext Hard Drive, this end in USB hub", etc.

3) I don't want them tangled but organized. I need to be able hook everything up in working order and not wonder what goes where.

4) I would like to have them out of sight.

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