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RhoDeo 1107 Beats

Hello, a rare RhoDeo Beats post today, and rare is the operative word here as the music today lacked decent distribution, specially on their hometurf. The UK labels and music press alike shunned Cabaret Voltaire, dare i say most undeservdly so. I would go as far as to say that it was sheer incompetence and groupthink that let a proven force like Cabaret Voltaire fall thru the cracks. Ultimately it meant the end for CV , the Conversation a final attempt, but the UK remained mute. Luckily in the US and in Belgium there was at least interest enough to release and distribute their final 3 albums, even though there was a very limited marketing push. That goes to myself aswell, even though being in the socalled scene, i just relativly recently became aware of these albums when i came across them at a sale of a recordshop that went out of business. I picked up a few dozen titels, among them all that was left in their Cab Voltaire section. It took me another couple of months to get around to listening to them, and i have to say i was amazed. Even almost 2 decades later the music was fresh enough to enjoy and frankly i don't understand why they were so badly shunned there wasn't that much better around at that time. I can only assume CV were seen as a threat to all the new acts that were sprouting and needed the loving attention of the music press high on xtc, who needs dark overtones. Well these days we know better...3 albums, 4 hours and 41 min , and i promise you won't be bored.

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Re-emerging with a much more original sound after their 1990 house album, Kirk and Mallinder for the most part rely on abstract electro-inspired ambient-techno with extended voice-over samples for Plasticity. It certainly wasn't the first time CV had remade themselves without losing elements of their past work (even re-sampling a passage originally recorded over ten years earlier on "Soul Vine [70 Billion People]"), and Plasticity was an excellent reworking of the house blueprint into the growing fringe of techno not necessarily produced for the dancefloor. The tribal flourishes of "Deep Time" and the obvious signal track "Inside the Electronic Revolution" showcase the duo as continuing visionaries.

Cabaret Voltaire - Plasticity ( 91 175mb)

01. Low Cool (6:32)
02. Soul Vine (70 Billion People) (7:52)
03. Resonator (5:56)
04. Inside the Electronic Revolution (5:32)
05. From Another Source (6:52)
06. Deep Time (7:45)
07. Back to Brazilia (6:11)
08. Neuron Factory (5:00)
09. Delmas 19 (6:08)
10. Cooled Out (2:26)
11. Invisible Generation (6:00)
12. Soulenoid (Scream at the Right Time) (8:45)

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International Language tones down the few Chicago house elements which had creeped into Plasticity, replacing them with sublime acid-electro, tribal elements on several tracks, and the same emphasis on samples which occasionally distorts the value of the underlying music.

Cabaret Voltaire - International Language (93 172mb )

01. Everything Is True (10:50)
02. Radical Chic (6:50)
03. Taxi Mutant (10:06)
04. Let It Come Down (9:27)
05. Afterglow (8:00)
06. The Root (9:17)
07. Millenium (6:22)
08. Belly Of The Beast (Back In Babylon) (8:15)
09. Other World (5:37)

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Seminal album by Richard H Kirk (as Cabaret Voltaire) after he and Stephen Mallinder had largely ceased to exist as a partnership. Recorded at the very peak of Kirk's powers in 1994, this is a simply jaw dropping Ambi-Tech, funked-out, late night drive with the Master's recurrent themes, sounds and production values... This 2-CD set is a further exercise from where the group left off with 'International Language' and 'Plasticity'. The overall sound is trance-inducing extended drones overlaid with manipulated sounds and voices, more than the previous 2 releases while still retaining the techno sheen. The 50 minute plus 'Project 80' track on disc 2 is sheer brilliance...

Cabaret Voltaire - The Conversation 1 (94 163mb)

101 Exterminating Angel (Intro) 5:47
102 Brutal But Clean 11:05
103 The Message (An Original Hollywood Theme) 8:16
104 Let's Start 8:11
105 Night Rider 9:54
106 I Think 8:56
107 The Heat 7:52
108 Harmonic Parallel 10:20

Cabaret Voltaire - The Conversation 2 (94 139mb)

209 Project80 53:05
210 Exterminating Angel (Outro) 8:01

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