Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning Has Started

The last couple of weeks, the weather has been beautiful here. It's made me feel better and energized me to start Spring Cleaning. But it is only February. I have the dreaded yellow pollen season coming up that usually lasts a month. There is no use doing a complete cleaning when yellow, dusty pollen will coat everything.

So I hold off on washing walls, windows, etc. During that pollen season, I won't even open my windows to try and keep as much of that dust out. But there are things that I can do in my Spring Cleaning efforts. Inside closets, cabinets and drawers I can clean. So I got started last week.

I have extensive china and crystal that I've collected over the years. I've purchased some and I've inherited some. I have a set for each season of the year. I have a Winter set, Fall set, Christmas set, Spring set and Summer Set. I also have punch bowl, cups and plates, crystal and silver. I have 4 china cabinets, 2 are built in oak cabinets, in our dining room.

It took me 3 days to take everything out of the china cabinets and wash them. I ran the dishwasher the whole time and I hand washed the stuff that was too delicate or old for the dishwasher.

I polished my silver. As long as it stays in the cabinet, it doesn't tarnish badly. I used to have it on open shelves and I would have to polish the silver every quarter, but since I've put it in a closed cabinet I polish once a year.



My Spring Cleaning Lists.

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