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Sundaze 1003

Hello again, time for some contemplative rock well jazz or hard to pigeonhole. It's serious stuff, in fact a word of warning is in order the music of there's a band name that didnt envision the internet (how to make oneself invisble) and to be honest i'm clueless as to why they chose that name there's nothing spanish in it.. howeverit does contain the word pain maybe that's it. Anyway Spain maybe unsuitable for those on antidepressants..not sure but maybe thats what led me to "The Man Who Was Already Dead"..whatever... a piece of free unqualified advice to the depressed, instead of popping pills why not seek out your local S & M club that will get your serotenine going. Time for another Sundazzle now...

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Spain are an American rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1993, and led by Josh Haden. Originally comprising Haden, his sister Petra Haden and Evan Hartzell, their debut album The Blue Moods of Spain was released in September 1995. The album demonstrated what happened when the son of a jazzbo set forth to create a downcast, West Coast take on pure atmosphere. The cover art’s Blue Note quotation and Spain bandleader/bassist Josh Haden’s kinship to Ornette Coleman bassist Charlie Haden put the preconception of “jazz” on the tip of many listeners’ tongues. But Blue Moods was less about improvisational flair than it was about evoking a smoky, confessional vibe. Thankfully, all that ambience was backed up by considerable chops and Haden’s bottom-of-the-bottle baritone. The sombre and oblique lyrics about botched love and redemption here a little monotonous. But I have heard few records about love penned by a man that are so compelling. Devotion, guilt, regret, lust: they're all there, burning slowly blue in the dark. From it, their song "Spiritual" was covered by Johnny Cash on his 1996 Unchained album. A compilation album, Spirituals: The Best Of Spain, was released in 2003.

Spain released two more albums before disbanding in 2001."She Haunts My Dreams" (1999) and "I Believe" ( 2001) In addition to various solo projects, Haden has collaborated with the Blue Man Group, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Donovan and others. Guitarist Merlo Podlewski has appeared on albums by Jack Johnson and Handsome Boy Modeling School. In 2007, Haden reformed the band with new members Randy Kirk (keyboards, guitar), Matt Mayhall (drums), and Tom Gladders (guitar). To commemorate Spain's first shows in over six years, the band performed The Blue Moods of Spain live in its entirety at the 2007 Tanned Tin festival in Castellón, Spain. This was followed by several shows in the U.S.

In April 2009, Daniel Brummel joined the band on guitar. Since then, a new single, "I'm Still Free" was released via iTunes in January 2010. A new studio album is scheduled for release in 2010 or 2011

Spain - The Blue Moods of Spain ('95 137mb)

1 It's So True 4:32
2 Ten Nights 6:11
3 Dreaming Of Love 5:38
4 Untitled #1 6:40
5 Her Used-To-Been 4:15
6 Ray Of Light 7:06
7 World Of Blue 14:13
8 I Lied 5:08
9 Spiritual 6:38

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Venus was created in 1997 by five artists hailing from Brussels, Belgium. Marc A. Huyghens (voice and guitar), Christian Schreurs - (Violin), Thomas Van Cottom (Drums), Walter Janssens (Double bass), Patric Carpentier (Scenography).The original goal of the band was to create an original sound that expressed different emotions through several instruments including guitar, violin, double bass, organ, percussion, synth, and a host of others. Also using the scenography talents of former member Patric Carpentier to create visual emotion through their live performances. The band's name is in reference and inspired from the Velvet Underground track, Venus In Furs.

The band's first album was Royal Sucker EP in 99, they received an award for Best Rock Act at the French festival Le Printemps de Bourges in April that year. Now their goal was to record and release a full-length album within the year. Their full-length album Welcome To The Modern Dance Hall was released November 1999. During this time before the major portion of touring western Europe began, in 2000 double bassist Walter Jenssens left the band and he was replaced by current member Pierre Jacqmin.

In 2000 Venus were touring relentlessly until middle through the year, hoping to have their sounds heard on the local radios wherever they played. During the fall the band gave composer Renaud Lhoest permission to re-orchestrate their songs, which further positioned themselves further away from the rock scene , the band were set to play a sold-out show in Brussels. One of these shows was recorded and was released as "The Man Who Was Already Dead", this ended up being one of their more popular albums. During 2001 the band rested long after their relentless touring and lost two members, Patric Carpentier and Thomas Van Cottom. He was eventually replaced by a French drummer

In 2003 the band switched labels to sign with bigger label Capitol, where they were given the chance to create a higher quality album. They released Vertigone that year on March 3 as well as three singles.The release of the album came as a success as radio stations across Europe played their recent singles as well as one being used in a film by Enki Bilal titled Immortel in 2004.

In Spring 2006 the band released The Red Room with a new approach and sound compared to their previous efforts. The music presents a heavier tone this time .The album received good reviews across Europe and rivaled the sales of their previous albums.
On the Venus website the band states that the actual red room "is the place you would seek refuge when you want to be alone. An area of well-being but also of alienation – everything is possible but is also uncertain.". Venus promoted the new album by touring through Western Europe and the UK.

On the 23rd March 2007, a 10th anniversary concert was scheduled at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. However, it turned into a goodbye concert, including many guests such as members from Girls in Hawaii and Ghinzu, as well as Venus' former double bass player, Walter Janssens and others. A last EP containing covers of Daniel Lanois, Björk and fellow Belgian singer Jacques Brel was released for the occasion.

Recorded at the Royal Circus of Brussels on the 26th of September, 2000

Venus - The Man Who Was Already Dead ('00 106mb)

1. From What Is Said To When It's Read 5:27
2. The Black Meat 6:49
3. Miss Abuse 6:10
4. 400 Winters (Voc.Anja Buechele) 5:48
5. Dr. Innocuous-Ketamoid 1:04
6. Burning The City (Voc.Anja Buechele) 5:10
7. INQB8TR 7:59
8. Shapeshifting (Voc.Rachel Dreyer) 6:02
9. Rose 5:49

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