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Around The World (49)

Hello it's Around the Worldmusics, as the days grow shorter and colder and the festive season throws its first long shadows, staying amother week up north seemed a good idea. Santa has a hard time these days, with the melting polar icecap and now his investments have gone sour aswell, oh how he regrets trusting those brokers, if only he could take them and put them to work in his icepalace..still plenty of snow to shuffle...Ok what's on offer today.. a double bill, some cool Nordic Ethno Grooves compiling some of the most important new folk-rock-bands and -artists from Scandinavia...From the rural isolated Jämtland area come Triakel and they offer some insight into their winterseason music....

A few days ago i said all links were live...i was wrong..i missed the very first i had posted, not that this band didnt get any attention in the years that followed but here it is again Material - Seven Souls ^

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VA - Nordic Ethno Grooves 3 (02 ^ 133mb)

Nordic Ethno Grooves is a compilation of the most important new folk-rock-bands and -artists from Scandinavia. From the Land of the Midnight Sun comes a wave of new music rooted in traditional culture but infused with contemporary perspective. Across Scandinavia a new generation of musicians is discovering their own folk traditions and breathing new life and energy into tunes, dances and instruments handed down for centuries by their forefathers and foremothers. From Swedish fiddle tunes to Sami yoik, Finnish kantele to the Norwegian Hardanger tradition, young musicians throughout Scandinavia are taking musical traditions which can be traced back to medieval times and are playing and singing them in contemporary folk, rock, jazz and world music contexts. The results are spellbinding and tremendously diverse, making Scandinavia the single hottest region for interesting and exciting world music development.

This album samples the modern variety of Scandinavian roots music and includes mostly artists who have already made a name for themselves at least in other European countries if not further afield: Värttinä, Kimmo Pohjonen, Hulu Project, Wimme, Triakel and Hoven Droven are all represented. The list of names may give you an idea of the broad range of approaches to Scandinavian traditional music featured here, this sampler is a good first introduction to contemporary Scandinavian music... .

01 - Värttinä - Äijö (4:22)
02 - Kerstin Blodig / Valivann - Vallevan (4:13)
03 - Kimmo Pohjonen - Ohimo (4:22)
04 - Wimme - Texas (3:48)
05 - Hoven Droven - Malört (3:34)
06 - Plommon - Emma (5:49)
07 - Kalabra - Ymnig Mossa (3:41)
08 - Hulu Project - Osuokhai (Yakutian Dance) (4:31)
09 - Väsen - Ploska (5:01)
10 - Amanda - Mercy Street (Någonting Värmer) (4:42)
11 - Två Fisk Och En Fläsk - Jungfrun I Buren (3:42)
12 - Anders Hagberg - The Herd (4:36)
13 - Triakel - Innan Gryningen (3:29)

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Triakel - Vintervisor (01 ^ 99mb)

Triakel is a Swedish folk band. They mostly perform old Swedish folk songs, particularly those from the Jämtland area , a very thinly populated area the (3 people per square km !) , but also include songs by contemporary folk artists. Triakel was founded in 1995 by Emma Härdelin (Garmarna), Kjell-Erik Eriksson (Hoven Droven) and Janne Strömstedt (former Hoven Droven member); Eriksson and Strömstedt had to perform together using only the fiddle and harmonium at New Year's Eve 1994 following a lost bet, and the performance was so successful that they decided to continue with the project. Härdelin later on joined the newly-formed band as the singer, and the name "Triakel" (a kind of sweet, black liquorice in the Swedish dialect of Jämtland) was chosen after a long discussion

Triakel play songs. The group's repertoire covers everything from old music.hall numbers to hymns. Often the songs are rooted in the provinces of Jämtland and Hälsingland where the group's members grew up. The music is quiet but emotionally charged, and arrangements are built up around Emma's singing, which is the heart of the group's sound. It is an expression of its members' yearning to make simple, acoustic music, in contrast to the louder, amplified sounds they otherwise work with.

Shortly after the release of Triakel's epynomous debut in May 1998 it was decided that the follow-up should be a Christmas record - not of the usual Jingle Bells kind, but an alternative, nonetheless rich with the unmistakable flavour of a Swedish Christmas. The result was not just a Christmas record but a record of winter songs. .From traditional songs to Evert Taube, Dan Andersson and former ABBA member Benny Andersson. The line-up of vocals, harmonium and fiddle is ideal for this material, and those who have already heard and appreciated the group's simple, low-key music will not be disappointed. Whether serious or cheerful, these are stories delivered with straightforward clarity.

In 2004 they released Sånger från 63° N (Songs from the 63rd Latitude) and a year later Ten Years of Triakel. During the past few years the group has toured throughout Sweden and also played in about fifteen different European countries. They have also appeared in Japan and several times in the Unites States and Canada.

01 - Julvisa från Älvdalen (Christmas Carol from Älvdalen) (3:01)
02 - Bergslagsjul (Christmas In The Mining District) (2:13)
03 - Er framtid blive lyckelig (Good Fortune And Joy) (3:18)
04 - Staffansvisa från Orust (St Stephen’s Day Carol from Orust)" – 1:47
05 - Innan gryningen (Before Dawn) ( 3:28)
06 - Torspar-julaftas-våggvisa (The Crofter’s Christmas Eve Lullaby) (4:12)
07 - God morgon här kär fader vår (Good Morning To You, Master Dear) (2:19)
08 - Det blir en julhelg glad (A Joyful Christmas It Will Be) (3:52)
09 - Julvisa i Finnmarken/Isfärden (3:39)
10 - Staffansvisa från Jämtland (St Stephen’s Day Carol from Jämtland) (2:36)
11 - Adventspsalm (Advent Hymn) (3:17)
12 - Mormors julstjärna (Grandma’s Christmas Star) (2:35)
13 - Knalle Juls vals (The Christmas Tree Waltz) (2:32)
14 - Julgranspolska (The Christmas Tree Polska) (2:15)
15 - Tackvisan (4:16)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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