Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sundaze 1115

Hello, time for some extreme relaxing inside out, regular visitors have seen more Hemi Sync at this blog. As always don't listen whilst driving, you might confuse the real world in your head with the maya outside and this could end fatal to the car and every-body in it. For the same reason whilst jogging seems unadvisable aswell. Just sit or lie back and immerse yourself, prefarbly whilst using headphones.. Todays posts are both in Flac, something i'm willing to do more, let me know if you're interested.

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An extraordinary sojourn into a dreamlike shamanic landscape. The captivating shamanic music of Don Peyote and Naasko is combined with Hemi-Sync® to guide your inner journey. Sounds from the rain forest contribute to the surreal, organic ambience. Vivid images emerge as time blurs and the world disappears. For optimum
results, listen to this experiential composition in one session—preferably in a darkened, meditative environment. Instruments featured: didgeridoo, flutes, mbira, synthesizer, indigenous chants, shamanic percussion and field recordings.

Between Worlds with Hemi-Sync (flac 229mb)

01 Between Worlds (52:23)

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41 years after stunning the public with a landmark debut, by what was described as Andy Worhol's house band-hence the velvet, in which he featured heavily as guitarist and singer songwriter. I'm talking of Goldy Rhox 21 here naturally. Anyway a few years later he went solo building an extensive discography, which contains his notorious electronic instrumental album "Metal Machine Music". Well, Lou Reed has returned to the electronic genre once again with "Hudson River Wind Meditations". Unlike the endless streams of feedback and noise that was "Metal Machine Music", "Hudson River Wind Meditations" is a quiet meditative collection of four ambient pieces and is intended as a serious musical work. The intention of this music is made clear in Reed's brief liner notes to the album.

I first composed this music for myself as an adjunct to meditation, Tai Chi, and bodywork, and as music to play in the background of life — to replace the everyday cacophony with new and ordered sounds of an unpredictable nature. New sounds freed from preconception. This was two years ago, and over time, friends who heard the music asked I could make them copies. I then wrote two more pieces with the same intent: to relax the body, mind and spirit and facilitate meditation. I hope you find as much use for this music as I have in both writing and listening to it and exploring inner spaces.
- Lou Reed
NYC, October 2006

"Hudson River Wind Meditations" opens with two extended pieces. The opening piece "Move Your Heart" is a 28-minute minimalist piece consisting of slow pulsating synths. There is very little change throughout this piece and the music almost seems as if it were a long loop set on infinite repeat.
The second extended piece "Find Your Note" runs for close to 32-minutes and consists of endless droning sine-wave tones. While the ambient nature of the previous piece is still very much present, the overall style is more similar to the electronic music created in the 1960's.
The disc closes with two shorter pieces. The two-minute "Hudson River Wind" is simply an electronic simulation of ocean waves while the closing "Wind Coda" is basically a five-minute summary of what was heard in the previous three pieces - the pulsating notes of "Move Your Heart" combined with the sine-waves of "Find Your Note" and the white noise of "Hudson River Wind". While this music may seem boring to some, it is quite beautiful and relaxing.

The cover photograph is by Lou Reed.

Hudson River Wind Meditations (flac 175mb)

1 Move Your Heart 28:54
2 Find Your Note 31:35
3 Hudson River Wind (Blend the Ambiance) 1:50
4 Wind Coda 5:23

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