Sunday, January 30, 2011

RhoDeo 1105 Earthsearch

Hello, been noticing a slight decline in the interest for this series, well just 3 more episodes to go, including this one. ....Meanwhile the Challenger Gang had gotten themselves into a hole, luckily it wasn't as black as it seemed..It did however further degrade our Challenger 'angels' thus their hold on the crew...

The Setting

Some years before the story opens, the huge Earth starship Challenger, on a mission to find Earth-like planets for colonization, encountered a meteoroid shower that killed all of the adult crew and seriously damaged the ship. The only human survivors were four babies - two boys, Telson and Darv, and two girls, Sharna and Astra.The four have been raised from childhood by androids and tutored by two disembodied voices called Angel One and Angel Two.

At the end of Earthsearch, the crew of the starship Challenger settled on the Paradise planet, having never seen their original home planet that they called Earth. They left the Challenger's control computers, Angel One and Angel Two, in charge of the ship to continue the search for Earth. Four years later, the crew have settled into their life on Paradise, despite many hardships they are suffering. Then suddenly, one of their children is killed by a 'monster' that appeared from the sea.

It transpires that this 'monster' is actually an android from the Challenger, which has returned. When the sea level begins to rise, the crew are suspicious of the Angels. They notice a large amount of radiation coming from the southern horizon, and they fly to Antarctica in their shuttlecraft. There they find hundreds of towers embedded in the ice. The Angels are using terraforming equipment from the Challenger to melt the ice and thus raise the sea level in an attempt to get the crew to rejoin them on the ship.The crew are adamant that they will not leave Paradise. The flood gets worse and worse, and will clearly soon submerge all the land. They load breeding pairs of animals into the shuttle cargo bay, and when the water level gets high enough, the shuttle floats. The crew are surviving, barely, and have beaten the Angels for the time being.However, their situation deteriorates to the point where they have no more water to drink, so they eventually surrender to the Angels. First, however, they demand that the flood is reversed, so they can release the animals. Then they fly their shuttle up to the Challenger.
The crew are gassed by an android, and they become unconscious, to wake up again with a big surprise awaiting them.. When they come round, they discover that they have been in suspended animation for sixteen years. But the children, who were very young when they came on board, have been awake the whole time, and are now about twenty years old. Telson and Sharna's son, Bran, is now the commander. The Challenger crew have land on an artificial sun called "Solaria D", controlled by a computer who appears to be friendly. From the artificial to the real deal, that is, what's left of it exponentially increases Challengers troubles even the The 'Guardian Angels' cannot change its course and the crew are also powerless. Fortunately things are not as black holed as it seemed ...there's a switch to it..go figure. Android Surgeon General Kraken, designed by the Challenger's giant computer, has suffered severe logic failure, those angels sure don't make em anymore...

EarthSearch II - 18 Megalomania (11mb)

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