Friday, December 3, 2010

Comings & Goings - Chicago

Pre-Thanksgiving Chicago
Downtown Chicago, lighted for the holidays (I love lights in trees; I wish such festiveness were visible all over the city)
Looking towards Michigan Avenue
Chicago's skyscrapers, looking towards Michigan Avenue
Chicago St., Chicago
On Chicago Street, right near Northwestern's Chicago campus
Luc Tuymans billboard
The Luc Tillmans billboard in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art
Roscoe Mitchell & his ensemble
The extraordinary Roscoe Mitchell and his ensemble, at the AACM's 45th Anniversary Celebration at the Museum of Contemporary Art (flautist Nicole Mitchell is at the far right)
Roscoe Mitchell & his ensemble
Roscoe Mitchell, playing his alto sax, at the AACM 45th Anniversary Celebration at the MCA
Members of Renee Baker’s Brass Epiphany
Members of Renee Baker's Brass Band Epiphany, letting loose (they were incredible)
Fake cafe, movie set, Rogers Park
Fake movie set café in my neighborhood (it will appear, I imagine, in the movie Contagion
Fake cafe, movie set, Rogers Park
The movie café's post-filming interior
Fake snow, movie set, Rogers Park
Fake movie snow
At the Union League award ceremony, my award-winning student, Simon Han (at right)
My undergraduate honors advisee, Simon Han, who was awarded second prize in the Union League of Chicago's Civic & Arts Foundation's Creative Writing College Division competition, for his story "Bear Hands"
Streetcorner puppet show
Streetcorner puppet show, Andersonville neighborhood (I passed this on my way to see Rikki Beadle-Blair's new film Fit
Writer Zakes Mda
Zakes Mda, who was visiting writer in residence at the university's Center for the Writing Arts, delivered a smart and insightful lecture on the relationship between landscape and his writing (I have been a fan of his for years, so it was marvelous to meet him in person)
Rahmaan Statik, working on a piece
On November 30 at the Silver Room, Artistically Linked was hosting a multi-artist-art show; each week leading up to that, you could see the artists working on the installation, so I caught painter/grafittist Rahmaan Statik at work
Jahan Ramazani, giving a talk about postcolonial poetries
Literary scholar Jahan Ramazani gave a terrific talk at the university on the relationship between postcolonial poetries and affiliated discourses (I am still studying my notes on this one; it opened a number of doors, so to speak; and he even played clips of poet Patience Agbabi reading/rapping!)
Rogers Park Prince
Who says Chicago doesn't have its own flavor: Rogers Park's very own Prince
Rogers Park Prince
Rogers Park Prince from a distance
Melissa Harris-Perry
Melissa Harris-Perry spoke at the university on Michelle Obama, and was nothing less than incandescent
Scholar Justin Spring
Independent scholar Justin Spring gave a talk on his acclaimed study of queer scholar, tattoo artist, porn writer, and archivist Samuel Steward: Secret Historian: The Life of Times of Samuel Steward: Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade (Farrar Straus & Giroux, 2010).
Artist working on his mural, Rogers Park
An artist working on a mural in Rogers Park

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