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Rhotation, (09) Into BPM

Hello, time to start the ninth rhotation, so what will it bring ? Well don't know yet, another episode of THHGTTG sure, Eight-X wil do 86 and Alphabet Soup takes us to J, but thats about all the specifics i can share. Today in BPM it's Brits on the floor, Renegade Soundwave told us about cocaine sex -or did they ? Well wont go into that here, they left us with a double cd compilation of their other share is a an album compiled/mixed Chemical Bro Tom Rowlands (illegally as he was under contract with Virgin so no name on the cover), (in)famous amyl nitrate sniffers no cocaine sex for them..too expensive well you might have seen Trainspotting..still its a great timepiece with some great tracks and it comes in two bitrate versions .

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Renegade Soundwave - RSW 1987-1995 ( 96, -145 :11 ^ 296mb)

Formed in London during the late '80s, Renegade Soundwave applied the punk and industrial ethic to both dub and dancefloor electronica, in good company with fellow sound terrorists throughout the decade, from Cabaret Voltaire to Skinny Puppy and Meat Beat Manifesto. Equally well known for their skill as producers and remixers as recording artists in their own right, the RSW influence was felt throughout dance music in the 1990s. Genres such as big beat and drum and bass, whose sounds were not defined until well after the release of the first RSW records, all owe a debt to Renegade Soundwave, while The Chemical Brothers have cited RSW as one of the biggest influences in their sound

The trio of Gary Asquith, Danny Briottet and Carl Bonnie debuted on the Rhythm King label with the "Kray Twins" single, their early records mixed together the sound of the then embryonic dance scene, east-end hip-hop, dub and electro-industrial noise. Later singles such as "Biting My Nails" and "The Phantom" became early dance-floor classics, with "Probably a Robbery" reaching the UK singles chart in 1990.

A switch to Mute Records brought the release of the debut long-player "Soundclash" in 1989 an album they'd spent two years recording material for, maybe less of a surprise then that it was followed up 6 months later by "In Dub". At this point, Bonnie exited to pursue a solo career (citing musical differences), leaving Briottet & Asquith to continue as a duo. They spent several years in isolation before emerging in 1994 with the "Renegade Soundwave" single and the album How You Doin? During late 1994, after playing their first live date since their participation in 1991's "Mute Over America" tour, the duo released Brixton and The Next Chapter of Dub the following year. RSW formally disbanded in 1995, this compilation RSW 87-95 emerged in 1996.

2005 saw the appearance of a white label entitled "Robbery", which featured remixed versions of RSW tunes such as "Ozone Breakdown" said to be remixed by the band themselves. As of 2007, Danny Briottet is producing and recording/remixing under the name of Red Star and Gary Asquith is in a band called Lavender Pill Mob.

01 - Kray Twins (5:49)
02 - Cocaine Sex (Turbo Lust Mix) (6:54)
03 - Biting My Nails (4:09)
04 - Lucky Luke (3:52)
05 - Space Gladiator (Satellite Of Dub) (5:15)
06 - Murder Music (2:28)
07 - Pocket Porn (3:45)
08 - Can't Get Used To Losing You (4:29)
09 - Probably A Robbery (3:34)
10 - Women Respond To Bass (5:39)
11 - Renegade Soundwave (3:52)
12 - Howyoudoin'? (5:14)
13 - Bubbaluba (3:56)
14 - Positive ID (4:40)
15 - Blast 'Em Out (4:08)
16 - Cocaine Sex (Sub Aqua Overdrive Dub) (4:27)
17 - The Phantom (4:44)
18 - Ozone Breakdown (6:32)
19 - Biting My Nails (Bassnumb Chapter) (6:06)
20 - Thunder (5:51)
21 - Deadly (5:00)
22 - Transworld Siren (5:58)
23 - Black Eye Boy (6:17)
24 - Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Remix) (7:49)
25 - Last Freedom Fighter (Dub) (6:49)
26 - The Renegade Priest (5:55)
27 - Positive Mindscape (6:14)
28 - Blastik 1 (5:45)

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VA - Brit Hop & Amyl House ( 96, 72:40 ^ 161mb)

Amyl house was a term some journalists in the U.K. used to describe the Chem's style of rockin' blockin' beetz, because at the club the Chemical Brothers DJ'd at, the Heavenly Sunday Social, the punters were (in)famous for sniffing amyl nitrate.

mixed by Tom Rowlands (Chemical Bro)

The sleeve notes by Robin Turner

"The late ' 80s. The country is caught up in the evil grip of Acid House. E's are good, E's are good, "pump up London", it's an age of love, you know the score. There's football hoolies & goate'ed beatniks & mad queens all dancing under the same roof to the same beat. One nation under a groove, labelled "dance music". Back then, all it took was four four beat & a 303; a smiley face shirt & a sweat soaked warehouse; a bag of decent doves & a pair of white gloves. Cut to now, how things have changed. Spiralling and warping faster, dance music twists itself into all manner of weirdness, eventually becoming the mainstream.
The underground gets more far out with names & styles changing weekly. Breakbeat & hardcore becomes jungle, progressive house becomes "intelligent" techno. Everything starts to get thoerosied and dissected by dull intellectuals. Suddenly, even the hippies are accepted again.

You can fuck that right off for a start...

What about music for all the party people who don't want to go home and get stoned and listen to "abstract head music"? Music for people who don't think, they just dance? We're talking nitrates on wax, music made up of big fuck off freakbeat breaks, dirty great riffs from mad old '70s synths that are bust up and sellotaped back together, records that sounds like grown men clanging on petrol tanks, all lo-fi poses with hi-fi noises...Music that gets played in backrooms of clubs and basements of pubs, at all night sessions back at someone's house after the boozer has shut, in speeding cars shooting up the motorway towards some daft Mecca ballroom up North...

The scene - remember the first time you got slaughtered, all spinning rooms, pissing youself laughing for hours. Remember your first blast of amyl in the back of a chemistry class or in youth club after school? Remember jumping up & down like a lunatic, losing 5 stone just from dancing? Ever found yourself in a sweatbox while pummelling hip hop beats, fat as fuck techno and anthemic rock & roll blare out of a crappy sound system. You're popping away, climbing onto the bar, piggy back races up & down the stage wobbling & shaking to the bass as you get supid.

Maybe you just saw the boy or girl of your dreams. Maybe you just proposed to them. Maybe you just heard Craig Mack or "Chemical Beats" then you felt the holy shiver down your spine when someone dropped "Live Forever" or "La Tristesse Durera". Maybe you just heard the most exciting DJs in the country, stuck in a dive of a pub. You're listening to people, to chancers, who can't mix records together & no one gives a flying fuck. The DJs are doing amyl behind the decks, there's a couple having it away in the corner, someone's just got in a car to drive to Devon to go cow pushing for the weekend.


This is music that began underground (literally) and has bust out big style - you've got "Leave Home" on the Top 40 show & that geezer with the daft white dreads has just done Top Of The Pops. It's not about electronic easy listening music or ambient trip hop by numbers, it's not about chin stroking stoner music. This is dance music, music that makes you jump around until you can't jump no more... maybe it's a generation thing, but to me this about feeling good, getting high. It's a rush.

01 - Sam Sever - What's That Sound? (Fucked Up Sound) (3:22)
02 - Fried Funk Food - The Real Shit (2:06)
03 - Death In Vegas - Dirt (4:15)
04 - Lionrock - Don't Die Foolish (4:25)
05 - Depth Charge - Shaolin Buddha Finger (5:13)
06 - Prodigy - Voodoo People (Chemical Brothers Mix) (5:10)
07 - Chemical Brothers - Leave Home (4:48)
08 - Fatboy Slim - Santa Cruz (2:32)
09 - Monkey Mafia - Blow The Whole Joint Up (5:14)
10 - Hard Hop Heathen - Beat Bastik (Ceasefire Mix) (3:54)
11 - Model 500 - The Flow (Jedi Knights Remix) (4:02)
12 - Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweekin' Acid Funk Mix) (4:28)
13 - Emmanuel Top - Lobotomie (8:57)
14 - Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Mix) (7:34)
15 - Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (Chemical Brothers Mix) (6:35)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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