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Rhotation, (06) Into BPM

Hello at the start of the sixth rhotation i have to say, i planned to post a little less but somehow end up doing more, well we'll see how long i can keep this up, specially vinyl ripping is time consuming. Enough moaning time for today's attractions..yes mostly female , but thats beside the point. However after last weeks Acid House we jump 15 years ahead and find electro which finds its inspiration from 20 years ago, confused ? Don't be. And if you think miss kitten or electric indigo like to be tarted up..ouch , still those days created a tall shadow as i mentioned this week in my Eight-X 84 post.

Miss Kitten and the hacker formed a great duo that (i think) should have deepened their musical relationship, their first and only album here proves my point, there's more to it then just the Sinatra snub. The opinion on Client is devided, tarted up (uniformed) 'dangerous' streetwise gals , may be to clownesk to come across and the opening lines of the album in strong dialect are too obviously seeking street credibilty, thankfully that accent falls away. Electric Indigo 's mix shows she knows her business very well, check it out.

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Miss Kittin & The Hacker - The First Album (01 * 99mb)

From his start in the hardcore techno to the massive success he found with Miss Kittin, Michel Amato aka The Hacker is one of todays most talented and innovative French artists. With Electro (Kraftwerk) to New Wave (The Cure and Depeche Mode for ever) as a musical background he was also familiar with the French rave of the early 90’s. In 95, under the name The Hacker he makes his own music in a classic Detroit style with Jeff Mills in mind. His first tracks are released on Ozone and Interface. Three years later he found his own label Goodlife Records with his friends Oxia and Alex Reynaud, but still releases tracks on other labels. The tones of his debut album “Melodies En Sous-Sol” (spring 2000) surmise his musical dreams where you can hear New Order, Dopplereffekt or the hardcore of PCP.

This first album, made the statement that The Hacker was the new messenger of the French Electronic scene. Nevertheless it’s another project that will put The Hacker on the international stage. He creates some fun 80’s electro-pop with his friend Miss Kittin (real name Caroline Hervé). She is an electronica vocalist and DJ, born in Grenoble, France in 1973. Caroline studied both contemporary and graphic arts. As time progressed, however, she found herself developing an interest in musical genres ranging from classic, jazz, funk, and disco to english pop. Finally finding her sweet spot in electronic music in 1991, she raved all around the country before doing her first mix in april of 1993. .In pursuit of other opportunities, after she and The Hacker recorded "Frank Sinatra" for DJ Hell's label, Kittin left France in 1996 and relocated to Geneva, recorded some EP's with the Hacker until they released their first album on fan DJ Hell's label Gigolo.. In Germany the success comes immediately with “Champagne” and “Intimités”. They are booked everywhere with Miss Kittin appearing as a dominant nurse and The Hacker cold as ice behind the machines and decks. With the beginning of the Electroclash in 2001 they become hype all over the world ! Parties everywhere, talked about by Karl Lagerfeld and Elton John amongst others, The Hacker is one of the most sought-after producers remixing for Mark Almond, Fischerspooner, Air and Nizer Ebb.

In 2002 after their U.S. tour, Michel and Caroline decide to take a break from their project. The Hacker takes this opportunity to create new tracks to release on 12” such as The Beach on Mental Groove and Dance Industria on Tiga’s label Turbo. He collaborates with Kiko and Alexander Robotnik, Millimetric & David Caretta, toured all over the globe as deejay and starts working on his second album “Reves Mecaniques”.

01 - Life On MTV (4:23)
02 - Frank Sinatra (3:54)
03 - Walk On By (5:19)
04 - 1982 (5:17)
05 - Stock Exchange (5:45)
06 - You And Us (6:15)
07 - Flexibility (10:56)
08 - L'Homme Dans L'Ombre (4:15)
09 - Slow Track (2:56)
10 - Nurse (5:14)
11 - Stripper (4:58)
12 - DJ Song (3:03)
13 - Walking In The Sunshine (5:13)
14 - Frank Sinatra 2001 (4:53)

Here Kitty Kitty
The H@cker

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Client - Client (03 * 99mb)

Client are a futurist British musical group from Rotherham, England, members were formerly known only anonymously as Client A and Client B, to the extent that their faces were not shown on any publicity photos; it has since been revealed that they are Kate Holmes, formerly of Frazier Chorus and Technique, and Sarah Blackwood, lead singer of Dubstar. Kate Holmes is married to Alan McGee (founder of Creation Records). They were the first signings to Andy Fletcher's (of Depeche Mode fame) Toast Hawaii label.

Client retains a strong penchant for the lost days of synth pop, when the likes of the first Human League albums were all the rage. Further inspirations according to Client B include "decadent artists..." Their first single, "Price of Love," mimics the robotic, bloodless vibe of that era backed by an intensely catchy melody. A second single, "Rock and Roll Machine," attempts a less pop-oriented groove that focuses on the seedier side of their persona. Client have toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia, they are most popular in Germany where they have had most commercial success. They combine Scandinavian airline hostess uniforms with glamour-girl aesthetics and harsh electronics to create a sound reminiscent of early forays into electronic sound manipulation and New Wave. Their uniforms have become their trademark. In September of 2004 the duo returned with City. A third member, Client E (Emily Mann), joined for the third album, Heartland, this album also marked a change of label as it was released by Metropolis.Meanwhile E is no longer a Client.

01 - Client (3:12)
02 - Rock And Roll Machine (3:42)
03 - Price Of Love (3:52)
04 - Happy (4:01)
05 - Diary On An 18 Year Old Boy (4:18)
06 - Civilian (2:30)
07 - Here And Now (3:44)
08 - Sugar Candy Kisses (4:17)
09 - Pills (4:22)
10 - Leipzig (4:29)
11 - Love All Night (5:06)
12 - Civilian coda (hidden) (1:41)

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Electric Indigo - The New Electro ( 03 * 124mb)

The color electric indigo is used to symbolically represent the sixth chakra (called Ajna), which is said to include the third eye. This chakra is believed to be related to intuition and gnosis (spiritual knowledge). Psychics who claim to be able to observe the aura with their third eye generally associate indigo, in auras, with an interest in religion or with intense spirituality and intuition. People with indigo auras are said to be in occupations such as computer analyst, animal caretaker, and counselor, hmm i take it we should add DJ to that list.

Electric Indigo ( Susanne Kirchmayr), DJ and musician, has rocked clubs, raves, and festivals in 34 countries. Her name stands for an intelligent interpretation of the terms "techno" and "party". She started her DJ career in Vienna in 1989 with jazz and funk sets, but soon found her style in the Detroit and Chicago techno sound. In her Berlin years (1993-1996), she was responsible for purchasing and communication for the legendary record dealer Hard Wax. In 1998 she created female:pressure, an international database for female DJs, producers, and visual artists who work in the fields of electronic music. Female:pressure is a web-based resource of female talent from around the globe. A number of her own productions were scattered throughout the late '90s and early 2000s for labels like Disko B and Mental Groove.

"To call her the most important woman in the Austrian electronic scene would be an insult: Electric Indigo long ago reached a level where conventional gender definitions are obsolete. As a DJ, she enjoys international rank, and as a producer she¹s becoming even more influential." (Sven Gaechter, Editor-in-Chief of Profil magazine and DJ)

If you'd like to hear her in action tonight (17/11) she's at Object 1, thats in Irkutsk which lies in the middle of Siberia, how cool is that ? No worries she's back in Vienna the end of the month..

01 - Smash TV - Nobody (Barbara Morgenstern Remix) (3:39)
02 - Lab Insect - Arianne (1:57)
03 - Anthony Rother - Krieg (4:39)
04 - Justus Köhncke - 2 After 909 (3:45)
05 - Konkord - Konsens (2:21)
06 - Mannix - Can't Forget Her (Tobias Schmidt Remix) (3:17)
07 - S.R.I. - Trax Pt. 1.3 (3:51)
08 - Smith N Hack - No Gimmicks, No Flash (2:26)
09 - Mount Sims - How We Do (1:08)
10 - My Robot Friend - Understanding Your Man (Steril Remix) (3:31)
11 - Black Noise - Smoke & Mirrors (What You Thought Mix) (1:58)
12 - Urban Bushmen - Casablanca (The Hacker Remix) (1:54)
13 - Electric Indigo - Dirty Floor (5:33)
14 - David Carretta - Automotion (3:35)
15 - Savas Pascalidis - Automatik Lover (2:24)
16 - Oliver Kapp - Lush Life (2:26)
17 - Jeff Mills - Actual B1 (AX-009c) (2:10)
18 - Mannix - Sequence Harmonie (David Carretta Remix) (3:50)
19 - Electric Indigo & David Carretta Comin' At You (4:14)
20 - Chris Korda - Gridlock (3:59)
21 - DJ Minx - Sophisticated One (2:35)
22 - DJ Mannix.E.Walter - L.U.H. (2:49)
23 - Ferenc - Sino Estilistra (1:12)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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