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Alphabet Soup, D

Hello, Alphabet Soup D, this or that it's been trendy this last decade to switch the The for D well im skipping those today , i have an over the top coverband that put their creativity in their stage shows and general presence and two great bands that put their heart and minds into their music and produced great albums that didnt get to refresh those parts that needed attention, as certainly a decade ago style/form over content ruled . This has always been the added 'value' of the industry. The counterculture meanwhile was fully emerged in the anonymous dance culture that caused the dj to become the star. So these bands , signed to not very well funded indielabels, had to live of good reviews, but as a true artist should, they didnt wait around to get paid and let their creativity take them elsewhere.

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Delicatessen - Mixture (97 * 111mb)

Delicatessen are original, yet wilfully obtuse awkward buggers, in fact. their distorted, disjointed and distinctly odd rants, creep up your spine, it’s their defining characteristic.
Delicatessen was formed by Neil Carlill a poet, songwriter, vocalist, composer and musician ( currently in Vedette) , Craig Bown (guitar, flute), Pete Capewell (bass) and Stuart Dayman (drums), taking their name from the French absurd film Delicatessen. Signing to Starfish records, they debuted in 1994 with the single Inviting Both Sisters To Dinner, followed by C.F. Kane spring 1995. their debut album Skin Touching Water appeared a month later. After this album was recorded Pete Capewell was replaced by Will Foster (bass, keyboards, guitar). Second album Hustle In To Bed was issued in 1996. Adding Jon Wood on violin, the band reappeared in early 1998 with third album There's No Confusing Some People on Viper records. The band split shortly afterwards, with Carlill and Foster joining members of Supergrass and Powder in indie supergroup Lodger.Will Foster now plays keyboards in The Tears.

This mixture has been available at their website(no longer live) for some time, a great 75 min collection of album tracks, singles and b - sides. I burned it to disk in 2000 and ripped it again for your pleasure..don't miss it, some of you will certainly like it..very much.

01 - Round The Bend Gently (3:36)
02 - Yes, No In Any Language (4:22)
03 - Make Some Mad Tea (4:19)
04 - Zebra-Monkey-Liar (3:17)
05 - Hustle Into Bed (3:57)
06 - You Cut My Throat, I'll Cut Yours (2:30)
07 - Embalming The Dead Entertainer (3:18)
08 - Monkey Suit(single version) (4:00)
09 - Classic Adventure (3:39)
10 - I'm Just Alive (3:43)
11 - C.F. Kane (3:50)
12 - Vanilla Folders (4:14)
13 - Loves Liquid (3:33)
14 - Boy Dough (3:24)
15 - Mice Hair (3:23)
16 - This Sleep Thing (1:38)
17 - Various Pets (3:00)
18 - Revelations Of A Domestic (3:00)
19 - He Klled Himself In 1980 (4:17)
20 - Froth (3:20)
21 - Bentine (2:31)
22 - A Tenth (2:24)

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Departure Lounge - Too Late To Die Young (02 ^ 97mb)

Departure Lounge are possibly one of the music industry's best kept secrets. In 1998, what began as a group of friends gathering in the communal warmth of each other's music (a bit like a therapy session) gave birth to Departure Lounge. Their debut, their acclaimed debut 'Out of Here' and the enchanting Series 7 instrumental album 'Jetlag Dreams', were impressive enough, but Too Late To Die Young raises the bar, not least due to the mercurial production of French groovemeister Kid Loco.

'Too Late To Die Young' features all four members of Departure Lounge playing a wide variety of instruments and found objects, and guest appearances from Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins (guitar), Robyn Hitchcock (guitar, harmonica), Lisa O'Neill from Sing-Sing (vocals) and the album's producer, Parisian groovemeister Kid Loco (guitar, percussion). It was recorded in three ten day sessions at their friends' studio, Blah Street, on an old farm deep in the English countryside. The medieval/psychedelic decor, huge number of lovely old instruments, home-made electronic toys and excellent home cooking make it 'the best studio in the world', according to Kid Loco.

In 2001 the band set up a residency in Nashville, Tennessee called the Living Room at their favourite nitespot, the Slow Bar. Here they performed fortnightly with an abundance of guest musicians, mixing their own songs with covers ranging from the Human League to Kenny Rogers to Motorhead. Departure Lounge have also presented their own radio show on Nashville's college station, WRVU, and Tim's voice can also be heard gracing 6 of the 10 tracks on Kid Loco's album, 'Kill Your Darlings'.

Meanwhile the band has spread out again, Paris, Brighton and Nashville, pursuing different projects/bands no word on getting back together for a follow-up, but as these guys obviously connect, a new album is always in the pipeline. They've had to overcome all those compliments and good press for this great album which sadly didnt translate into public awareness. Well they don't bare a grudge, at their site there's a number of tracks and remixes up for download.

01 - Straight Line to the Kerb (4:40)
02 - What You Have is Good (3:51)
03 - King Kong Frown (2:57)
04 - I Love You (5:27)
05 - Alone Again, And... (4:46)
06 - Tubular Belgians in My Goldfield (6:53)
07 - Be Good to Yourself (2:52)
08 - Over the Side (3:22)
09 - Coke & Flakes (5:00)
10 - Silverline (4:00)
11 - Animals on My Mind (Voc.Lisa O'Neill) (1:31)
Departure Lounge @ Base

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Dread Zeppelin - Un-led-ed (90 ^ 97mb)

The first Dread Zeppelin release, the 7" single "Immigrant Song was recorded at the home studio of Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and released in 1989. After its success, a second single, "Whole Lotta Love" was released which paved the way for recording their debut album Un-led-ed . Fronted by an oversized Elvis impersonator named Tortelvis mixing two giants from the music scene into a reggae beat may have seemed a bit over the top but i guess in that cocaine era it connected and the album was an (unexpected) commercial success. It set up Dread Zeppelin's career in music, their second album, 5,000,000* *Tortelvis Fans Can't Be Wrong. this album featured the usual "Zeppelin in a reggae style", but also a cover of Bob Marley's "Stir It Up" as well as three original songs. Their third , an album of disco covers It's Not Unusual didnt fair well and the group fell apart , Tortelvis left the group in addition, in early 1992, Ed Zeppelin and drummer Fresh Cheese both left the band. They reunited for the The Fun Sessions (1996), a collection of classic rock covers.Over the years Dread Zeppelin has been known for their humorous stage antics, with strange masks, hypnotic dances, hilarious choreography, and stand-up band interaction between songs mostly by the bigger than life persona of Tortelvis into the King. A number of live albums have been released , the one with the best title must be The Song Remains Insane.

01 - Black Dog (5:20)
02 - Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street) (4:47)
03 - Living Loving Maid (3:47)
04 - Your Time Is Gonna Come (5:10)
05 - Bring It On Home (4:36)
06 - Whole Lotta Love (4:38)
07 - Black Mountain Side (2:02)
08 - I Can't Quit You Baby (6:04)
09 - Immigrant Song (2:52)
10 - Moby Dick (4:18)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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