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Sundaze (48)

Hello time for another Sundaze, unfortunately pages keep disappearing , why ? if i only knew. Just reposted an old Eight X (42)aswell,, as an add on to the previous day..sigh with all the re-uploading going on i can really do without this mess. Coming up some mid-nineties ambient from the creative duo behind Global Communication who set their first foot under this moniker with this remixalbum. ....Higher Intelligence Agency went north and recorded Polar Sequences in sync with nature and Biosphere ...finally a 94 compilation showing where Global Technological Innovations in electronic music went at the time....

Note in comments you'll find a listing of the Wavetrain series updates

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Global Communication - Pentamerous Metamorphosis (93 ^ 132 mb)

Time flies, it's eleven months ago i had a Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton weekend @ Rhotation 3 with Jedi Knights , their Theory of Evolution Sampler, Reload and Global Communication 
In the summer of 1994 Dedicated finally released Global Communication's 76:14 a rhythmic, warm, and spacious, with graphics and song titles that reflect Pritchard and Middleton's intent of making music that transcends language, border, and preconception. It was voted by the Guardian as the best ambient album of the nineties, and it has clearly influence a lot of musicians since its release. The months before they had used the moniker for the first time as they "retranslated from Blood Music by label mates Chapterhouse." Pentamerous was not available for some years as a true Global Communication stand-alone release, for the very reason that it was never intended to be that in the first place. Instead, this five-track effort was in fact nothing less than a complete makeover. The Global Communication remix job originally appeared as a bonus second disc with the U.K. CD version., until it got a standalone release in 1998.


1 - Alpha Phase (16:39)
2 - Beta Phase (10:49)
3 - Gamma Phase (11:45)
4 - Delta Phase (10:41)
5 - Epsilon Phase (11:18)

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H. I . A. & Biosphere - Polar Sequences (96 ^ 98mb)

Higher Intelligence Agency mastermind Bobby Bird started the project back in 1992 in Birmingham, England as a live experimental electronic project. Soon he and other members of the Oscillate Collective, a group of artists and musicians involved with the local club Oscillate Sound System, were taking their experimentation to unexpected musical and geographic locations. The sound falls somewhere between ambient and techno, with a healthy experimental streak running throughout. Breakbeats fall like manna from heaven as celestial melodies sky through the group's compositions. Truly a sensual, satisfying listen. 

Since releasing their first '92 single, "Ketamine Entity" (which would later appear on the genre-defining compilation Ambient Dub Volume One), The Higher Intelligence Agency has emerged as a full-fledged creative force. The group has released a half-dozen albums, and has participated in a number of collaborative ventures. (1993) Colourform, (1995) Freefloater, (1996) Polar Sequences - with Biosphere (live), (1997) S.H.A.D.O. - with Pete Namlook, (1997) Nothing, (1999) S.H.A.D.O. Vol 2 - with Pete Namlook, (1999) Birmingham Frequencies - with Biosphere (live).

Tromso, 70 degrees north, in the Arctic region, in the middle of the most active northern lights zone. In summer time, land of the midnight sun. In winter, total darkness. In October 1995, as part of the annual Polar Music Festival, Geir Jenssen of Biosphere and Bobby Bird of The Higher Intelligence Agency, were commissioned by Nor Concerts to collaborate together on a musical project to take place in Geir's home town of Tromso, Norway. The brief was for them to perform three concerts, using sounds sourced from the area as the basis of the music - the machinery of the local mountain cable lift, the snow, the ice etc...

The performances from which this recording is taken, took place on top of a mountain above Tromso, in a cabin reached by the cable car, in which the audience were transported up the mountain in turn. This is a live recording from the 1995 Polar Music Festival, in Tromø Geir Jenssen's hometown. Recorded on the top of a mountain above the town, the music uses only samples sourced locally - people speaking at the festival, the cable car which brought people to the performance, the melting snow and ice, et cetera. The result is a stunningly accomplished and balanced piece, musically, technically, emotionally. It bridges uplifting, glacial sounds with a dark moodiness without ever becoming tired and clichéd, neither natural nor electronic, but somewhere out on its own. An absolute essential for all ambient heads and discerning listeners out there.

1 - Cimmerian Shaft (13:11)
2 - Snapshot Survey (8:21)
3 - White Lightning (10:13)
4 - Countdown To Darkness (6:21)
5 - Corona (9:55)
6 - Meltwater (9:18)

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VA - Global Technological Innovations (unreleased 1) ( 94 ^ 142mb)

01 - Sandoz - Ocean Reflection (8:50)
02 - Infinity - Think Quick (Remodel) (9:45)
03 - 2000 & One - Sensitive Space (5:05)
04 - Geep, The - The Geep (Goddess Of My Soul Mix) (5:46)
05 - Clip Talk - A.M.D. (8:29)
06 - max 404 - 6am In Eindhoven (7:14)
07 - As One - Asa Nisi Masa (6:39)
08 - Quadrant - Dytiq (6:52)
09 - Underground Resistance - A Moment In Time (3:08)
10 - Underground Resistance - Mindpower (2:44)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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