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Rhotation (48) Into BPM

Hello, Im not sure what is going on, but lately pages have gone missing from my blog, 2 weeks ago it was Alphabet Soup (T) , this week Updatepage 3 and last weeks Into BPM (47). Now i dont know if these are a blogger faults or someone has found a way to attack blogs this way, and has decided this is a fulfilling mission in life. I sure hope not.

As for todays BPM post we're in Electro territory again..starting with Fischerspooner which sounds better then Spoonerfischer ..the names of the duo behind the moniker that have featured many more performers in their life shows. They're sensational shows on the New York scene became the talk of the town from which they emerged assurely and with a well recieved # 1 album....Adult took the hard touring road aswell to build a name, here's their official debut Anxiety Always.....Over the big pond we find a former gamedesigner that turned his attention to music and is meanwhile working on his fourth album in 5 years. Vector Lovers is likely a term from his old game designdays, however it's a one man show....across the channel we find a trio Sex In Dallas, not quite electropop or electroclash yet with some trashy discoid bounce, the French like to be differente...

NOTE the rest of the Rhotation updates are found in comments page Canadia - 6 as the Update (3) page itself has is silent about how that is guess too much traffic...well i will be posting the updates in comments now so check them you'll find the sunshine series updates in comments...tomorrow the wavetrain updates .if you see a ^ at the end of the file it means its been upgraded aswell.

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Fischerspooner - #1 (01 ^110mb)

The new wave/electro-pop troupe Fischerspooner was formed in New York City in 1998 and has come to incorporate multimedia, strange handmade costumes, dancing, and performance art. Originally a duo formed by classically trained musician Warren Fischer and video-artist and experimental theater performer Casey Spooner for an impromptu rendition of their makeshift track "Indian Cab Driver" at the Astor Place Starbucks, the group grew to over 20 performers, most of whom are dancers and guest vocalists. The group uses the stage antics of David Bowie and traditional mainstream pop vocalists, along with the campy electronics of Giorgio Moroder or Depeche Mode and vocoders of Trans Am. By the time of their 2000 eponymous debut, Fischerspooner was a certifiable sensation in downtown New York City art galleries and clubs. The single "Emerge" topped European charts, invited a six-song remix EP, and won Fischer and Spooner invitations to international fashion, art, and society happenings. Their debut album, #1, originally titled Best Album Ever, has been released on several record labels

In 2005, Odyssey, the band's second album, was released to critical acclaim. The album featured more structured songs that weren't really electroclash, but more accurately electropop. Hitmaker Linda Perry, intellectual Susan Sontag, and Madonna producer Mirwais all made appearances.The lead single, "Just Let Go", featured live drums and guitars, a very different sound than heard on their first album.

01 - Invisible (5:13)
02 - The 15th (3:56)
03 - Emerge (4:46)
04 - Fucker (4:53)
05 - Turn On (4:23)
06 - Tone Poem (4:13)
07 - Ersatz (3:55)
08 - Horizon (5:06)
09 - Natural Disaster (4:47)
10 - Emerge (Adult mix) (4:52

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ADULT. - Anxiety Always (03 ^ 98mb)

ADULT. began releasing albums in 1998 under the pseudonym "Plasma Co." Initially, the band members were uncredited and not publicized, but by the time Anxiety Always was released, ADULT. was listed as husband-and-wife team Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus. Both btw have art degrees, Miller has a painting degree, and Kuperus a photography degree. Miller and Kuperus are also the founders of the Ersatz Audio record label. The two debuted their Adult. project in November 1998 with the Dispassionate Furniture EP, Entertainment, followed a year later, while their song "Lost Love" appeared on the Ersatz Audio various-artists 12" Oral-Olio a few months earlier, in June 1999. After another 12" EP, Nausea, and compilation appearance, The Forgotten Sounds of Tomorrow ("Silent Property," "Human Wreck"), both in 2000. Ersatz Audio released the debut Adult album Resuscitation, in 2001. Most of the 14 songs on Resuscitation were culled from previous releases, primarily the 12" EPs, many are versions or mixes exclusive to the CD. By this point, Adult. had become widely known and were quite renown within the techno underground. ADULT. gained popularity while touring constantly in the United States and releasing all of their material independently. They toured with Trans Am in 2002, and in May 2003, the band made its first headlining tour in the United States; gigs across Europe followed soon after.

Adult.'s first full-length of all-new material, Anxiety Always (2003), was very well recieved. Miller and Kuperus promoted Anxiety Always with tours of Europe and the U.S. throughout 2003 before withdrawing from the spotlight for much of 2004. Then, rather surprisingly, Adult. moved to the Chicago label Thrill Jockey, via which they released an EP, D.U.M.E. (2005), and full-length, Gimmie Trouble (2005). When launching their tour in support, ADULT. announced that they had become a trio with the addition of guitarist Samuel Consiglio. The trio was short-lived—Consiglio left the band at the start of 2006.

Miller and Kuperus took some time off before returning in 2007 with another Thrill Jockey release, Why Bother? Adult. returned to their original husband-and-wife membership for the noisy album, and they commenced widespread touring almost immediately
As of 2007, Miller and Kuperus have focused their attention more on recording and touring, and less on their own label; the last few ADULT. releases have been distributed by Thrill Jockey Records rather than Ersatz Audio.

01 - The Cold Call (2:50)
02 - Shake Your Head (4:23)
03 - Glue Your Eyelids Together (4:10)
04 - Blank-Eyed, Nose Bleed (3:28)
05 - Turn Your Back (3:01)
06 - People, You Can Confuse (4:58)
07 - Nothing Of The Kind (4:38)
08 - Nervous (Wreck) (4:15)
09 - We Know How To Have Fun (5:23)
10 - Kick In The Shin (5:29)

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Vector Lovers - Vector Lovers (04 * 99mb)

Born in 69 in Reading(UK) Martin Wheeler started recording in his teens , influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, Depeche mode and Suicide. He became a computergame designer at the age of 16 developping some 25 games for the ZX spectrum, Ataro Nintendo and Gameboy before returning to music with the release of his first single (Electrobotik Disco / Girl + Robot) as Vector Lovers in 2003. The following 7", featuring the now classic 'Tokyo Glitterati' on Static Caravan Records won support from leftfield DJs worldwide, including John Peel and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller. A self-released 12" that summer, 'Roboto Ashido Funk EP' featured on the covers of DJ magazine and Jockey Slut, prompting offers from both major and indie labels, and finally seeing Vector Lovers signing to seminal Glasgow techno label, Soma Records.

Three albums later, Vector Lovers production work has seen collaborations with artists including Tracey Thorn, Ladytron, Husky Rescue, Alex Smoke, Diefenbach, Tim Wright, The Black Dog, Slam, Funk D'void, Transparent Sound, and My Robot Friend.
Whether rocking thousands of partygoers at T in The Park or improvising a silent film soundtrack at the National Film Theatre, Vector Lovers continues to create beautifully crafted electronica, quirky techno, and emotionally resonant synth pop.Currently working on his fourth album Martin spends most of his time recording at home in Berlin, where he lives with his wife and two children.

01 - Girl + Robot (5:13)
02 - Tokyo Glitterati (4:18)
03 - Telecom Meltdown (4:32)
04 - Electrobotik Disco (4:51)
05 - Funk & Droid (5:10)
06 - Electrosuite (7:46)
07 - Yamanote Sundown (6:16)
08 - Futures In Plastic (5:02)
09 - Kissed You By The Fountain (2:35)
10 - Lake Nocturne (3:31)
11 - Metrolux Forever (4:39)
12 - Solitaire (4:17)

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Sex In Dallas - Around The War ( 04 ^ 95mb)

Sex In Dallas (Adrienne Walter, Jean Marc Soulat & Mohini Gesiweiller) are French born electro slackers. They formed in 2003 in Paris and combine elements of Punk, House, Hip Hop, Detroit Techno and turn it into a dark but fashionable electronic longplayer. Not quite electropop or electroclash, their influences come from a more refined corner of the pop globe and, despite dipping at times into a trashy discoid bounce, there are some ace moments here - like the grimey, filthy bassline driven 'Lost In LA Playa' or the Barbara Morgenstern-esque cutesy of '5 O Clock'.

Founded 2003 in Paris and driven by the idea to make a different sound compared to Daft Punk, Air, Phoenix and typical french house music that made french electronic music so popular. Following their highly recommend (John Peel, Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall, Miss Kittin to name a few) 12 inches Everybody Deserves To Be Fucked and Berlin Rocks 1 +2 here is the debut full lenth album Around the War. S.I.D. combine Punk, House, Hip Hop, Detroit Techno and turn it into a dark but groovy electronic longplayer.

A second album featuring Biladoll . Toured the world, from Turkey (Indigo Music Hall, Istanbul) to Ukrainia (Kaif Club, Kiev), from Sao Paulo (Vivo Festival) to London (The End), from Stavanger (NU Music Festival) to Bucarest. Played live in Berghain-Ostgut, Berlin. SID is although a dj team. Realized recently a dj mix for the UK mag "Dazed & Confused".

01 - Crazy Dogs (3:52)
02 - Berlin Rocks (5:42)
03 - 5 O' Clock (5:44)
04 - Around The War (2:54)
05 - Lost In La Playa (5:22)
06 - Everybody Deserves To Be Fucked (4:02)
07 - Song Of The Beach (3:27)
08 - Georgio (4:15)
09 - Golden Chains (4:04)
10 - Clerk Work (4:52)

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Rhotation (47) Into BPM reposte
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well as mentioned , the third page in 2 weeks goes missing. Google hasnt got a clue or helpdesk of here's last weeks Into BPM (47) ..without covers

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The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation (94 ^ 181MB)

Howlett, the prodigy behind the group's name, was trained on the piano while growing up in Braintree, Essex. He began listening to hip-hop in the mid-'80s and later DJ'd with the British rap act Cut to Kill before moving on to acid house later in the decade. The fledgling hardcore breakbeat sound was perfect for an old hip-hop fan fluent in up-tempo dance music, and Howlett began producing tracks in his bedroom studio during 1988. The Prodigy's name was a moniker Liam had chosen as a tribute to his first analogue synthesiser, the Moog Prodigy. An initial 10-track demo by Liam Howlett, put together on a Roland W-30 sequencer keyboard. It was picked up by XL Recordings after Howlett played several tracks to XL boss Nick Halkes in a meeting, and an initial 12" pressing of "What Evil Lurks" was released in February 1991. It became a major mover on the fledgling rave scene in 1990. After Howlett met up with Keith Flint and Leeroy Thornhill (both Essex natives as well) in the growing British rave scene, the trio formed the Prodigy later that year.

Six months later, Howlett issued his second single "Charly," built around a sample from a children's public-service announcement. It hit number one on the British dance charts, then crossed over to the pop charts, stalling only at number three. Two additional Prodigy singles, "Everybody in the Place" and "Fire/Jericho," charted in the U.K. during late 1991 and early 1992. these were soon followed by the band's first full length album, Experience, a landmark release in the history of British rave music. Howlett released an anonymous white label, bearing only the title "Earthbound I". Its hypnotic, hard-edged sound won wide underground approval. Many former critics of the band were astounded when Howlett finally acknowledged responsibility for the record He had released the white-label single to fool image-conscious DJs who had written off the Prodigy as hopelessly commercial.

After several months of working on tracks, Howlett issued the next Prodigy single, "No Good (Start the Dance)." In 1994, the Prodigy's second album, Music for the Jilted Generation, was released entering the UK album charts at #1. album displayed a wider spectrum of musical style with heavy techno and breakbeat-based tracks complemented by the concept sequence The Narcotic Suite, and rock-oriented inclinations ("Their Law", featuring Pop Will Eat Itself). The album also continued Prodigy's allegiance to breakbeat drum'n'bass; though the style had only recently become commercially viable (after a long gestation period in the dance underground), Howlett had been incorporating it from the beginning of his career. It was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize although Howlett had reaffirmed his dedication to making The Prodigy a 'hard dance band', commercially successful but without compromise.

The Prodigy spent much of 1994 and 1995 touring around the world, and made a splashy appearance at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, proving that electronica could make it in a live venue. The group had already made a transition from the club/rave circuit to more traditional rock venues. Flint's newly emerged persona -- the consummate in-your-face punk showman and master of ceremonies for the digital-age crowd -- Meanwhile the band had augmented their line-up with guitarist Jim Davies ( later Pitchshifter)

March 1996 the Prodigy released "Firestarter" it entered the British charts at number one, the video was almost banned due to complaints about arson fixation; many Top of the Pops viewers also complained that Keith Flint had scared their children. In the middle of the electronica buzz, the Prodigy dropped their third album, The Fat of the Land. Despite rather obvious attempts to court mainstream rock fans, the album entered both British and American charts at number one, shifting several million units worldwide. The Prodigy were getting considerable airplay on rock stations with their track "Smack My Bitch Up," and were getting even more negative backlash for the song. Time-Warner, Prodigy's parent company, was feeling the heat from the National Organization for Women (NOW) over the track. To top it all a rather graphic video was produced that made it to the no1 spot as the most controversial videos ever to air on MTV..duh, meanwhile Wal-Mart and Kmart took the album of the shelves as they didnt want their female customers reminded of how they get smacked up at home..(presumably )..

1999 saw the release of The Prodigy's Dirtchamber Sessions Volume 1, a DJ mix album by Howlett, produced as an official record of a successful guest appearance on the British Radio 1.The Prodigy's fourth studio album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned was released on 23 August 2004 (14 September 2004 in the USA.) A precursory and experimental single, "Memphis Bells", was released in very limited numbers, followed by the traditional release of the single "Girls". The U.S. version of the studio album contained a bonus track; a remix of "Girls" entitled, "More Girls". Maxim and Keith Flint were still in the band but they weren't to be found on the album. Instead it featured guest spots from Oasis' Liam Gallagher, Kool Keith, Twista, and actress Juliette Lewis. Flint and Maxim did join Howlett for a worldwide tour to support the album that launched in October 2004. In 2005, the band released a compilation album, Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005, which included a remix of their 1994 single "Voodoo People". According to the band's website, the band is currently at work on their fifth album.

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation (^ 94mb)

01 - Intro (0:46)
02 - Break & Enter (8:24)
03 - Their Law (6:41)
04 - Full Throttle (5:03)
05 - Voodoo People (6:27)
06 - Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) (8:56)
07 - The Heat (The Energy) (4:28)

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation ( ^ 87mb)

08 - Poison (6:42)
09 - No Good (Start The Dance) (6:18)
10 - One Love (Edit) (3:53)
------The Narcotic Suite-----
11 - 3 Kilos (7:26)
12 - Skylined (5:58)
13 - Claustrophobic Sting (7:12)

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The Crystal Method - Vegas ( 97 ^ 151mb)

Although Jordan and Kirkland are both from Las Vegas, Nevada, the band was formed in Los Angeles, California, in the early-'90s L.A. rave scene. Drawn in by its youthful idealism, Jordan and Kirkland became absorbed by L.A.'s underground club culture and began knocking out tracks inspired by their experiences. On the strength of one of their demos, Crystal Method signed to Steve Melrose and Justin King's City of Angels imprint in 1994, and their debut single, "Keep Hope Alive," appeared soon after. It became something of an anthem due to the endless barrage of remixes and alternate versions that appeared. The pair's demand to be taken seriously as a band (as opposed to the enforced anonymity of most techno acts) extended to incessant live performances. Crystal Method's increasing popularity both in the clubs and among radio jocks led to a deal with Geffen affiliate Outpost Recordings in 1996. The group's debut LP, Vegas -- an unabashed party record bathed in acid, funk, rock, and big beat hip-hop -- appeared in mid-1997 and sold very well. There was some discussion as to whether the band took their name from methamphetamine (the street name of which is "crystal meth"). In the 1999 documentary Better Living Through Circuitry, it was made clear during the interview the name was a drug reference.

The Crystal Method did most of their earlier production work in an underground shelter referred to as "The Bomb Shelter" in the front yard of a rented house they once shared as roommates. Before production began on Legion of Boom in 2004, they moved the studio into the garage of the rented house. The follow-up to Vegas, Tweekend, was released four years later, and the duo inaugurated a series of mix albums (Community Service) in 2002. In 2005, their third studio album, Legion of Boom, was nominated for a Grammy Award for "Best Electronic Music/Dance Album". This marked the first time the Grammys offered such an award. It was followed by their soundtrack to the film "London Landing" a year later. Meanwhile their music has appeared in several tv shows, adds and in videogames, reaking plenty of dosh i would think. In June 2006, the duo released Drive: Nike + Original Run, the mix was made to accompany any aspiring athlete's workout session . The album was only available on the iTunes Music Store until June 26, 2007, when it was given a physical release to Best Buy stores, and was re-released on CD in 2008 with four bonus tracks. Jordan and Kirkland currently host a radio show called Community Service which airs Friday nights on Los Angeles' Indie 103.1, featuring electronic music.

01 - Trip Like I Do (7:34)
02 - Busy Child (7:25)
03 - Cherry Twist (4:25)
04 - High Roller (5:29)
05 - Comin' Back (Voc.Trixie Reiss) (5:39)
06 - Keep Hope Alive (6:12)
07 - Vapor Trail (6:31)
08 - She's My Pusher (5:41)
09 - Jaded (Voc.Trixie Reiss) (7:05)
10 - Bad Stone (5:09)

diet version
The Crystal Method - Vegas ( * 99mb)

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The Youngsters - Lemonorange ( 01 ^ 158mb)

Hailing from Montpellier the dynamic, electronic duo The Youngsters consist of Gil le Gamin and Olivier M; Mr Gamin a DJ, record shop owner and founder of the G-Funk label and Olivier a passionate music composer. Gamin juggles a busy DJ schedule with his store Z'appies and his label G-Funk. As a band, perhaps they hold the world record for the shortest 'how we came to be' story which goes something like...Olivier took a demo tape in to Gil's shop and er...a fortnight later they were working together. That was way back when at the beginning of 1999. Initially releasing their music through Gamin's label before signing to Laurent Garnier's infamous F Communications imprint. With the backing of a major independent label, the duo was set share with the world their infectious techno rhythms.

Motivated by a solo maxim, 'Make people dance', The Youngsters with Lemonorange have composed an album full of authority and affection for anything that might fall into the arena of techno. Whilst the sounds on this record are familiar, it's unlikely you've heard them combined with such understanding and aplomb.Chunky, deep piano grooves on the excellent "Choose" nestle comfortably along side the rougher, more acidic cuts such as "Friperie Connection" and "Abusive Melody" in a album inspired by a love of the music from Detroit. With the likes of Laurent Garnier, Alex Kid and Aqua Bassino, the F Comm stable is rearing nothing but pedigree acts. With Lemonorange The Youngsters can feel right at home there.

01 - Slow (6:35)
02 - Illogique (7:06)
03 - Spanish Harlem (4:30)
04 - Flightcase Pour Criquets (5:54)
05 - Lost In Palavas (5:23)
06 - Choose (6:40)
07 - Anxious Boy (5:00)
08 - Doutes Et Certitudes (5:27)
09 - Friperie Connection (5:56)
10 - Abusive Melody (5:37)
11 - Dub Cham Mé (4:36)
12 - Smile (5:14)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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