Monday, October 29, 2007

Around the World (03)

Hello, i'm staying with the female musical expression on the globel stage, here we have an excellent collection of singers from the Latin part of the globe to enjoy and take in, as i was recently by Lhasa de Sela and will post some of her work next week, until then there's one of her tracks on this album. Ive added a booklet with introductions to all of the singers (in english, spanish and french)

VA - Women Of Latin America (04 ^ 94mb)

The music of latin America is overflowing with soul and passion, and many of it's greatest voices are women. From bittersweet ballads of Mexico to Peruvia landos, women acros the continent sing of love, tradition and legend, carrying the spirit of their cultures in word and melody.
While there have been many internationally known female artists from Latin America over the years and their presence is increasing . Popstars like Shakira and Gloria Estafan may get much of the limelight, but a growing number of artists have been developping a strong following, at home and abroad.

Mexican-American singers Lila Downs and Lhasa de Sela represent interpret the tradional music of Mexico in a contemporary ways. Toto La Momponsina, Tania Libertad and Susana Baca play an essential role in studying and preserving the musical traditions of their native lands. Brazil's Adriana Calcanhotto, Beló Velloso and Monica salmaso are part of a new generation that has carried classic samba, bossa nova and other popular brazilian song into the 21st century

Alongside some of these internationally recognised artists are included marta Gomez,Jacqueline Fuentes and Mariana Montalvo, gifted singers and songwriters yet to be discovered by a wider audience. All of the artists on Women of Latin America create exquisite contemporary songs that reflect the richness of their traditions.

01 - Marta Gomez - La Ronda (3:45)
02 - Jacqueline Fuentes - Sinuoso Tropico (3:51)
03 - Adrinana Calcanhotto - Justo Agora (3:45)
04 - Monica Salmaso - Dancape (3:28)
05 - Mariana Montalvo - India Song (3:00)
06 - Tania Libertad - Anda Mareado (3:13)
07 - Susana Baca - Caras Lindas (3:31)
08 - Lila Downs - Icnocuicatl (3:15)
09 - Belo Velloso - Toda Sexta-Feira (3:09)
10 - Lhasa - La Frontera (3:04)
11 - Toto La Momposina - Yo Me Llamo Cumbia (4:32)

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