Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Gives?

A couple of days ago (I think it was last week) Christina Aguilera was being driven home by her boyfriend down in LA when the car was stopped by the police. Turns out, both her and her boyfriend were drunk as could be. He ended up getting arrested because he was drunk and he was driving. She ended up getting arrested because she was drunk and...well, they said it was because she "couldn't take care of herself" and she needed to be in some sort of protective custody. But as soon as she sobered up enough to do the walk of shame out the back door of the police station, they let her go. They explained that this is their procedure and that they never had any intention of prosecuting the offense. What the offense was is still a bit murky to me. Regardless, she was drunk and really not hurting anyone and was arrested.

Fast forward a few days to yesterday and welcome a one complete crackpot, Mr. Carlos Irwin Estevez, aka Charlie Sheen. Yesterday, Mr. Sheen learned that he had been fired from his money making factory otherwise known as "Two And A Half Men". He didn't seem to take the news very well. No, he ended up on top of a building which houses something called Live Nation (which is apparently a concert promotion endeavor). While he was up there, he was drinking some sort of a liquid out of a bottle which had the words "Tiger Blood" scrawled on the side with a marker. He was also brandishing a machete. And while he was up there, he yelled, "Free at last! Free at last!" Sure. That seems like a completely reasonable reaction to learning that you've just been fired. Yeah. Totally reasonable.

And really, if you think that I'm going to be all delving into what the problem is with Charlie Sheen, I'm not. (If you were wondering though, he's a narcissist. Plain and simple. Maybe he's on drugs. Maybe he's not. It doesn't really matter, though, as his behavior would be the same because he is so narcissistic.) I can't devote much more time to this winning loser. But seeing as how I've laid out two separate, yet kind of similar scenarios involving erratic behavior in public, I do have a question. How is it that Christina Aguilera gets arrested for being driven home drunk and Charlie Sheen can be on top of a building wielding and waving a very large knife with a container labeled "Blood" and nothing happens? Nothing. Actually, I take that back. There were plenty of things going on. Several members of the press were photographing this insanity. But was there law enforcement anywhere to be found? Apparently not. And if there was, they certainly weren't interested in arresting anyone. And really, if I had to choose who I'd rather see off of the streets, Charlie Sheen or Christina Aguilera, I'm going to pick Charlie Sheen and I'm going to pick him now.

So what gives? I have no idea. All I know is that if the picture above is Charlie Sheen "winning", I'd really hate to see what losing looks like.

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