Friday, December 5, 2008

The Prisoner (03)

Hello, been busy reviving those looped zSharelinks that get you nothing, but make their counters tick, i'm glad to inform you that all have been revived - apart from those present in the Eurosonics tour, and i will get those done in the coming days..So on we go with the can view the trailer here just click on the seems not too many have picked it up at Transgloballs, well one direct megauload zip will be there and i'll post a split archive rar here.

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Prisoner episode 03, A B and C

The new Number Two uses a new wonder drug to tap into Number Six's subconscious to try to discover why he resigned. Over a period of three nights he encounters A, B and C in seperate circumstances. Unknown to Number Two, Number Six has realised what has happened and gets his dreams to prove that he was not selling out.

Trailer A B and C

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Prisoner 03 A B and C 1 (180mb)

Prisoner 03 A B and C 2

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